Top 5 best sports in the world is always an argued topic every time.  There are multiple different thoughts and opinions that what the best sports are and the reason of their popularity.

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Did you ever thought that where the ranking of soccer is? What about the ranking of Golf, Hockey and Cricket? These are some popular sports with millions of followers around the world and due to their competitions of all stages and levels; people from different regions and ages enjoy them.  

But again the question is “which one of them is most dominated and famed?” After several days of research, the conclusion we reached is the following.

5.   Volleyball

Last in top 5 best sports in the world is Volleyball with over 900 million fans. Volleyball is a tense as well as thrilling game for both players and audience.

So if you are a pro player or an audience, here we have a lot to tell you about this exciting game. Volleyball is also known as handball in many parts of the world. Volleyball is played between two teams and court is divided between them by a net.

The purpose this game is to hit the volleyball by hands or arms in a way that it crosses the net and lands in the centre court of opponent's side. This is how a team score points every time when they do so.

The winner is decided by points. The team who score 25 points first, win the game.

Definitely, hitting volleyball over the net is not enough. There is a lot more. To be successful in this game, a team also has to learn about receiving the ball from opponent, passing it to team members and decide when, where and how to hit the ball for score.

4.   Tennis

Tennis is one of the most fit player games, due to fast-paced actions and interested contests. It has over 1 billion fans of all ages around the world. No matter if you are a player or just a speculator, both love to watch the tennis competitions. There are many reasons which are making this game precious.

One of the major reasons of Tennis popularity is that it is easy to access game. Like other games, there is no need of special training and costly equipment. All you need is just a racket and a ball. One can find public courts easily in many cities of the world and that is why this is easily accessible game unlike other sports.

The other reason to love playing tennis is that it is a competitive game. There are plenty of opportunities available to compete with each other from grand championships like Wimbledon, US Open to local clubs and school tournaments. Tennis can be played single or double. Playing against your opponents is not only thrill and inspiration but also boost your performance and experience. 

3.   Hockey

Hockey is also one of the fast paced and action games which required a lot of brilliant skills and preciseness. With over 2 billion fans around the world, Hockey stood in 3rd position.

Hockey not as old as Soccer and cricket is. It was first played in England in 18th century. Later on with the passage of time, players created their own versions of this game. Some of them are, grass or turf field Hockey,  concrete fields Hockey, roller skates Hockey and Ice Hockey which is originated in Canada and got quick fame around the world. Now people and communities from different parts of the world are adopting Canadian version of Hockey.

Due to these variations, now the question is how accurately Hockey is being played? Considerably it depends on the type and variation of the game. For example, field Hockey is played on grass or turf ground. Players use wooden curved sticks to hit the ball to their rival's goal. Ice Hockey is played on ice rink instead of ground and players also use the curved sticks but wearing cleats. Similarly roller Hockey is players also use the sticks but by wearing skates and instead of grass or turf ground, they play it on concrete ground.

Though Hockey is among the top 5 best sports in the world but still there are many people who have not much knowledge about this popular game.

If you are among those people, then this is the right time and place for you to know more about Hockey and its offerings.

It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of Hockey or a first time who is trying to discover more about it, just tune your TV and start watching this extremely skilful game if you have some free time.

2.   Cricket

Stungoal - Cricket

As per research, Cricket stood at 2nd position among the Top 5 best sports in the world. Like other ancient sports, cricket also has a vast history. It was first played in 13th century by the villagers and farmers of England.

No doubt Cricket got most fame in England and Australia but now it is being watched and played by many countries officially and more than 2.5 billion people of all ages around the globe love this game.

Many professional crickers from different part of the world join the leagues and tournaments of this game to show off their brilliant skills.  There are many ways to participate in this tense game no matter whether you are new or professional player.

Plenty of reasons are making this game among the popular sports. One of them is, batsmen run between the wickets and try to hit the ball far away and on the other hand, bowlers spin the ball at high accelerate. This makes this game unbelievably movables. Cricket is a strategic sport, players specially team Captains have to make quick decisions during the game to be successful.

Its biggest popularity aspect is that it is a social sport. This game is mostly played as part of a team or community which brings people from different parts of world together. This is also another aspect of this popular game.

1.   Soccer / Football

Stungoal - Soccer

Soccer is at first place among the list of Top 5 best sports in the world with more than 3.5 billion fans around the world.

This game which is also known as Football in many countries, got huge fame around the globe due to its spine-tingling game play and amazingly fast action.

Whether you're a spectator or a player, you can't deny that soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world.

History of Soccer - Top 5 best sports in the world

Talking about the history of soccer, about 3000 years ago it was played in Aztecs Empire and they used to call it Tchatali. They used a rock as a ball to play this game.

Soccer was called “Cuju” in China when Chinese played it in 2nd and 3rd BCE. They used a leather ball which was filled with feathers.

Soccer also famous in ancient Greece and Rome but they didn't play it in coliseums or in annual games competitions.

With the passage of time, this game evolved into its current form and got huge fame in all over Europe.

Later when the game was spread in other countries and communities of the world, millions of people started playing it and enjoy watching it in stadiums or on TV regularly. 

Final Thoughts about Soccer

So why the football is most famous among others? There are a lot of elements taking part to continue its success including its fast actions and unexpected results. The excitement and thrill of this game don't let the supporters to be seated on their chairs. Soccer is also a social game where supporters and fans gather in stadiums and clubs to inspire their favourite teams.